Magpies Football Club


PresidentMagpies Sporting Club Football Club Jason Egan  0418 794 176 Senior Vice President Tracee Williamson  0428 192 368 Mailing Address PO Box 3111 North Mackay 4740


Dear Parents and Players On behalf of the new committee I would like to invite you to play for Magpies Football Club Incorporated again this season. Times and Dates All registrations should be completed online.  Log onto and follow the prompts. This year will be based on a first in basis and any late registrations may not be accepted. Late registrations will need to be assessed on numbers for that age group. So please ensure you logon and register as soon as possible. Registration Fees Under 5 to Under 11 $220.00 Under 12 to Under 18 $220.00 Seniors $280.00 You will be prompted to make payment when registering. Fees cover registration payments, compulsory insurance cover, break up BBQ (including a trophy for each financial junior player) and an equipment levy. The registration fees must be paid when registering as per request from Football Qld as any un-financial players are not covered by insurance and therefore cannot take the field. Any players from 2016 that have not paid their 2016 fees will not be permitted to play until all fees are paid. Initial Training Times – Magpies Sporting Club Under 5 to Under 8 – Wednesday, 4.00pm to 5.00pm, Field 3 & 4 Under 9 to Under 11 – Wednesday, 5.00pm to 6.00pm, Field 3 & 4 Under 12 & Under 13 – Thursday, 4.30pm to 5.30pm, Field 3 & 4 Under 14 & Under 15/16 – Thursday, 5.30pm to 6.30pm, Field 3 & 4 Under 17/18 Colts – Tuesday & Thursday, 6.30pm to 8.30pm Field 3 & 4 Premier & 1st Div Women –  Tuesday & Thursday, 6.30pm to 8.30pm, Field 3 &4 Reserve & 1st Div Men – Tuesday & Thursday, 6.30pm to 8.30pm, Field 3 & 4 Premier Men – Monday & Wednesday 6.30pm – 8.30pm Field 1 & 2 Grading In line with Club Policy, which endorses the belief that every individual player must enjoy and get the most of their season of football, each player from under 12 upwards will be assessed and graded by the Director of Coaching during the 1st two weeks of training and then placed in a team consisting of players of similar abilities and skills. Coaches and Managers The club welcomes any interested persons to register for these positions by contacting our club President Jason Egan, 0418 794 176. Facebook Page Stay connected and receive updates via our Facebook group.  Join Magpies Football Club online. Medical Form For your convenience a medical form has been enclosed. Please complete and return on training day. Magpies Sporting Club Membership 2017 Magpies Football Club Incorporated will be paying for one social member per family, which registers and pays fees with the club for 2017. (Forms to be completed and given to an executive member). Please hand this back to the club committee to hand in on your behalf and make payment. Magpies Football Club Incorporated Committee for 2017 President – Jason Egan – 0418 794 176 Senior Vice – President – Tracee Williamson – 0428 192 368 Junior Vice – President – Ashley Hughes – 0415 317 825 Secretary – Vacant Treasurer – Barry Jansen  – 0438 467 166 Registrar – Jo Guley – 0414 323 769 Equipment Officer – Tammy Sprott – 0419 424 262 Director of Coaching – Liam Shipton – 0476 149 586 Carnival Coordinator – Vacant Sports Council Delegate – Sandi Egan – 0438 556 096 Raffle Coordinator – Gillian Holcombe &  Linda Muscat Field Information Line – 49 656 188 The team coach should be the first point of contact to confirm training.  Updates will also be placed on the Facebook page.  To check if fields are open for training call the hotline – 49 656 188. Spectator’s Code of Conduct

  • Children play organised sport for fun; they are not playing for the entertainment of spectators, nor are they miniature professionals.
  • Applaud good performances and efforts from each team. Congratulate all participants for their performance, regardless of the game’s outcome.
  • Respect the official’s decision. If there is a disagreement, follow the appropriate procedure in order to question the decision and teach the children to do likewise.
  • Never ridicule or scold a child for making a mistake during competitions. Positive comments are motivational.
  • Condemn the use of violence in any form be it by spectators, officials, coaches or players.
  • Show respect for your team’s opponents. Without them there would be no game.
  • Encourage players to follow the rules and the official’s decision.
  • Demonstrate appropriate social behaviour by not using foul language, harassing players, coaches and/or officials.